Customize your Garage

If you are thinking of building a garage, there are several options to mull over before you begin. If your budget runs to it, you could get an architect to design a brick-built extension to your house, or if you are knowledgeable about building you could design and build your own.

The cheapest and easiest option is usually a flat-pack, build-your-own kit to construct a garage in concrete, metal or wood. If appearance is important, wooden garages can look very attractive and will enhance the look of your property. There is another advantage to wood constructs: unlike concrete and metal garages they do not suffer from problems of condensation dripping from the roof, so your vehicle is less likely to rust.

A perfectly level, concrete floor is a must, and you can customise it by painting. Floor paint not only adds colour, but it also reduces dust from the concrete and makes the floor much easier to keep clean.

It pays to take some time planning the interior layout before you begin construction; that way you can ensure that power points and plumbing are where you want them. The design will depend very much on how you will use the garage. Lighting is a priority if you are planning to use the garage as a workshop. Several sources of light are a better option than a single overhead lamp, as they will cast fewer shadows.

If you are planning to do your car maintenance yourself, or perhaps work on a restoration project, you will need to maximise your available space. Workbenches are an essential, as are shelves and racks. Vehicle movers are very helpful when working in a confined space. A car mover is a good investment as it will enable a person working single-handed to move any car safely and efficiently.

A 2-post lift is not essential for the home garage; you can do most jobs using a trolley jack and axle stands. However, lifts make working on the underside of the car much easier and perhaps you can add it to your wish-list!